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Lilac Varieties

Our lilacs are hardy from zones 2-7.  If you do not know what your planting zone is, just click on the link:
                                                         USDA Zoning Map

                                 Our Lilac Inventory for 2013

Adelaide Dunbar - Double Dark Purple - Boasting big double flowers of dark purple held along tightly-packed trusses, it also boasts spring foliage of bright maroon and one of the most intense and sweet scents in the Lilac family.

Agincourt Beauty - Single Dark Purple Blooms - Beautiful dark purple blooms with deep fragrance, one of the best purple lilacs to have!

Aucubaefolia - Double Blue with green/yellow leaves. Showy panicles of sky blue flowers with a lavender reverse rising above the foliage in mid spring, extremely fragrant!

Burgundy Queen - Vibrant burgundy-red, single flowers in large conical clusters.

Congo - Single Dark Red/Purple Blooms - You won't believe how dark this lilac will be once it starts budding out! Rich dark red/purple blooms and extremely fragrant!

Edward Gardner - Double Pink -  Incredible display of double pink flowers and is a superb selection for its outstanding beauty and excellent form. Blooms later in the spring than most other lilac tree varieties.

Fiala Remembrance - Double White - Cream colored buds open to fully double, large-petaled white flowers, mid to late May. Heavenly scented and thick!

Gortenziya - Single Pink - Beautiful large clusters with extreme fragrance, darker pink buds opening up to a lighter pink.

Michel Buchner - Double Lavender - Pink/lavender flowers opening in mid spring, extremely fragrant!

Nadezhda - Double Blue - Dark purple panicles opening up to a deeply fragrant sky blue with violet overtones rising above the foliage in mid spring. Extremely fragrant! Again, one of my favorites!

Paul Thirion - Double Magenta/Purple - Deep purple/red buds opening up to light purple/pink, extremely fragrant! 

Prairie Petite - Dwarf Lilac, grows to about 3 feet tall for those that don't have a lot of room!!  Double light purple/lavender

Primrose - Single Yellow/Cream  - The best part about this lilac is that the pastel yellow color actually deepens and grows more intense with age, giving you a more spectacular show with each passing year! 

Sarah Sands - Single Purple flowers. This species is the common lilac, also referred to as French lilac, that most of us are familiar with; extremely fragrant flowers on 4 to 8 inch dense panicles, appearing in late spring to early summer.

Sensation - Single Purple/White - Sensation has always stood out with its beautiful purple color and white edges, extremely fragrant and a must have! 

Japanese Lilac Ivory Silk

Ivory Silk - Cream - When other lilacs have gone by, it's time for the Japanese lilacs to start putting on their show! The Ivory Silk lilac will grow into a tree around 20 feet tall and eventually be covered with eye popping cream/white  fragrant blossoms!

Syringa Presoniae James McFarlane

James McFarlane - True Pink - When other lilacs have gone by, it's time for this lilac to start putting on their show! This lilac has delicate and beautiful panicles of lightly-scented hot pink flowers rising above the foliage in late spring.

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